Iv'e been off of Newgrounds for a while in pursuit of making mainstream music that I didnt even really like. I am now however, getting back to what I really love, making music for video games. I hope we can all collaborate on something beautiful. see you real soon

 - Miguel


2015-12-22 12:52:05 by Miguel-is-cool

After a long 3 month hiatus I deided to get back to NewGrounds and continue uploading OC. Alot of family issues and school stuff prevented me from really keeping up with my shit but thats over now, I'm back in my house and im ready to start Producing on a whole new level! Thank you to everyone who supports me you guys are the reason I do what I do :3 


2015-09-02 20:14:11 by Miguel-is-cool

Hey guys a quick update. School is starting up and that means I'm gonna be working alot more on film and such. So I will be alot less active here. BUT WORRY NOT, I will try to upload as much as possible luv u


Operating Noodle?

2015-08-11 03:25:39 by Miguel-is-cool

Do you prefer Windowsaroni, or Macaroni?


2015-08-10 04:35:06 by Miguel-is-cool

I'm gonna start uploading my voice acting here. idk why I decided to post this at 3 am but yeah


I have to say i'm really looking forward to the upcoming console games this year, For Honor and No Mans Sky look amazing and of course fallout 4 made me piss my pants. I have a feeling 2015 is going to be a great year for games.


(don't get too excited but) Word on the street is microsoft want to buy the Silent Hill franchise from Konami. They apparently want to make this an Xbox exclusive and of course I want this franchise to be revived "in the vison of Hideo Kojima" however, I'm sorta pissed that I got a PS4 because Silent Hills looked so sex, and now I have to get an Xbox One to play Silent hills FUCK! shit.


So yeah I'm working on some pretty tasty jams, I'm really focusing on this whole "Neo-Classical" Idea I have to compose classical peices, and convert them into chip tune like 8-bit video game tracks, I've done it before in tracks Like "Spooky Nights" and "For The King!" (Links for those songs bellow" But yeah these new songs will be even beter. and will also Include pretty intense precussion "hopefully" so yeah add me fan me PM me do whatevs I don't have a life I'm on here all day. <3 u NG.


Spooky Nights - www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/632232

For The King! - www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/633958


4:45 am

- Miguel



2015-07-11 01:50:25 by Miguel-is-cool


It's mostly software problems, "well, more a lack there of proper software" and I wont be entering my NG inspired tankman piece on time :(


2015-07-08 22:20:54 by Miguel-is-cool

Currently working on a hella intense piece about tankman for that Newground Inspired comp WOO


2015-04-13 14:17:15 by Miguel-is-cool

My skateboard will go on